*** Open Letter to Fair Go ***

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in responce to the story they aired on 20th April 2016

A big thank you


The team at Home Funding Group wishes to express our sincere gratitude for the support received from our existing clients following Fair Go making us look really bad in their story that aired 20 April.  This support means a lot to us as its coming from people actually understand how our Services work, who could see through the sensationalised and misleading story.  As noted in our 9th of April Press Release (click here) the truth is actually on our side for those who are interested in finding out the facts before forming a judgement

Buying your 1st Home in the current market IS a serious challenge.  A serious challenge requires a serious solution and that's what we offer you.  Some time and effort will be required, but if you are willing to go the distance we can help you in two ways...

1)  Providing advice and guidance to assist you in tidying up your finances to make it easier for lenders to say YES / APPROVED

2)  Reducing the amount of deposit you may need, with Low Deposit funding options*


Fair Go update

We operate in a highly regulated industry and this means there are regulations about the correct and proper process that must be followed for resolving any disagreements.  While we are saddened that this process was not used by the complainants prior to asking Fair Go to get involved recently, we are very happy to advise that one of the two complainants is now using the correct and proper process.  Home Funding Group will full heartedly participate in this process in good faith and looks forward to reaching a fair resolution

If anyone else has any concern/s, the correct and proper process is in summary as follows;

1st Step - Contact us to advise us of your concern/s and then we both have the opportunity to resolve things in good faith

2nd Step - If for any reason the first step does not success, then the matter needs to be referred to an independent and professional disputes resolution service that we are registered with (this is part of the industry regulations).  The role of this service is to help both parties to either reach a fair resolution and/or to recommend what they consider would be a fair and reasonable resolution

Home Funding Group is fully committed to resolving any concerns in good faith, all that we ask is that the correct and proper process to be used as required by the industry regulations




* conditions apply