"is to help 1st Home buyers who are willing to help themselves"

Buying your 1st Home in the current market, really is a serious challenge.  A serious challenge requires a serious solution and that's what we offer.  Some time and effort will be required, but if you are willing to do your part, not only can we show you the way, we also have low deposit funding options* available for selected clients

If you are willing to do your part, your dream can become your reality

The next time you throw a house warming party it could be for your very own home

You'll be celebrating in the knowledge that there will be no more rentals for you, no more landlords, no more wasted rent money

When your friends and family ask you how you did it, you can smile and tell that it while some time and effort was required, that it is definitely worth it !

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NEWS (1 June 2016)



Shortly after the infamous 20 April Fair Go story was broadcast (for further information about this please click here),  Home Funding Group lodged a Formal Complaint under the Broadcasting Standard Authority (BSA) system in regards to the required Broadcasting Standards relating to Balance, Accuracy and Fairness.  Under the The BSA process the broadcaster is supposed to respond withing 20 working days (thus by approx 1 June 2016).  However on the 1st of June Home Funding Group received an email from the broadcaster giving themselves a 20 working day extension stating "due to key staff involved in the process being unavailable" (the rules do actually allow them to do this).  This delays the date by which they are oblidged to reply to approximately the 1st of July. 

We find this delay frustrating especially from such a well funded and resourced broadcaster.  We further hope/trust that the justification given for the delay is genuinely truthful and not motivated by a desire to to delay making a timely correction/appology as has been requested.  Naturally the more time that goes by, the more time the incorrect information/portrayal is out there and the less the value of any eventual correction/appology. 

If the Broadcaster fails to respond in the required timeframe and/or their responce is inadequate the BSA process then allows for Home Funding Group to refer the complaint to the BSA themselves for their consideration.  For those who are interested the full details of the BSA Formal Complaint process, please use the following link...